About Me:

Hello, I'm Shen! I'm the originator and inhabitant blogger of  https://www.worldtravel.site  I want to share stories and tips of wonderful spots to visit in Southeast Asia. Get enlivened and begin an outing. Take in more about https://www.worldtravel.site
When I completed my University Studies,  I consider the opportunity to make my travel dreams begun to wind up plainly a reality, investigating as a great part of the Philippines at the highest point of my bucketlist. I did that for some time and I got the opportunity to visit a considerable measure of my nation of origin's finish traveller spots and stunning unique goals. At that point, I wandered more to visit  some countries in Southeast Asia.
As I lived in different parts of the world as a full time mother and being with my significant other, despite everything I circumvented the Philippines amid occasion . A considerable measure of my later excursions was a return to of spots that propelled hunger for something new the most in my initial years of travel. All the while, I picked up a more extensive viewpoint on spots that genuinely make my nation emerge from whatever remains of Asia.

This rundown incorporates my top picks for first-time travelers who need to begin finding wonderful places in the Philippines and some other countries and those hoping to move their next enterprise.

 My Travels...

Me and  my husband at Singapore.

At Mandalay together with  my husband.

Universal Studio at Singapore.