��Horse Cart Experience Over the Ancient Temples of Bagan Myanmar����⭐

��Horse Cart Experience Over the Ancient Temples of Bagan Myanmar����⭐

On this excursion, we've got the  privilege
to experience an outstanding mode of delivery which we  hardly find in anywhere else in the world.
Start out our horse cart trip with a visit to few areas  to get some insights of Bagan living.

The horse cart will retain to deliver the historic relics
which are well-known for its remarkable architecture  to heaps of years ago. Make the temple
exploration with a few most famous pagodas of Bagan. Highlights encompass the
Shwezigon Pagoda - the maximum sacred and essential spiritual structure, the
Ananda temple proposing impressive buddhism artworks and Htilominlo Pagoda.

Afterwards, proceed onto the Manuha Pagoda-cited for its
incredible examples of buddha statues. The journey will stop with a visit to
one of the highest Pagodas in Bagan-the Shwesandaw Pagoda. Revel in the
breathtaking views  in the glory of
daylight while it cast the ultimate rays before turning back on our hotel.

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