Moments Turn Into Memories/ Saying Goodbye To Our Beloved Grandmother

"Saying farewell is a piece of our consistently. It's the point at which that farewell feels last however, it is then that we begin to consider the moments."

It is then that we begin to consider every one of the farewells that preceded that one. It is then that we wish we had set aside a few minutes for more Hellos. It is then that we understand the minutes are time cases. They are little pockets of wonderful memory tidy that our brains have gathered as though our cerebrum realized that one day we would require each one of those minutes to aggregate our book of recollections.
The excellence of life is that it is erratic. We have no real way to recognize what lies ahead. As much as we design our every day endeavor, the greater part of life is basically erratic.

My grandmother was conceived in 1927. She was the most unselfish person I have ever meet. She raised me and younger sister when our parents worked in Malaysia. My grandmother has taught me numerous things over the years, she worked so hard and doing some amazing things in life. When it came to being disciplined she did her best for us to be great kids. But I think the most important is that there are many ways to live a life, and none of them are inconsequential if they make you happy. She taught me that fragile human connections are the glue lives are enriched by, and that there is always space to be found in your heart for more love. 

Love for Christ. Grandma’s love for the Lord Jesus was never personal or private, She was always and forever an influencer. I can’t remember a single time I was around her when she wasn’t encouraging, exhorting, or urging me and others toward faith and obedience to Christ. The words of the Bible rolled off her tongue with ease. She prayed relentlessly for her children and grandchildren. And many of us here today are the fruit of those prayers. Grandma’s faith, It was vibrant, living and worshipful. And in her later years, when the more complex aspects of her personality had faded, her joyful faith in Jesus remained. And simply by being herself she’s taught me that there's an enormous beauty in ordinary things if you have the courage to let them in.

At the point when my Grandma instructed me to visit her, I never lament as we have imparted moments to her with my family. After all of those moments I would hugged,hold her hands and say goodbye. Not once was I afraid that it was going to be our last. I guess that was just naive of me. Life is not a guarantee, I know that. Last April has brought my family on a journey that I can only describe as, “letting go of the moments and holding onto the memories.”  My grandmother is at the end of a long road. She is amazing in more ways than I can possibly write. She has taught me how to be a good mother. She has taught me how to be a strong person. She has taught me about unconditional love. That day is the day that I hugged and hold her and say goodbye I knew it might be the last time so I told her I loved her and she held my hand and said “ Maybe we will not meet again and be a great person and you know how much I love you.”
"I will Grandma. What's more, From Your Nine Children up to extraordinary incredible grandchildren, we adore and love you so in particular."

My Grandmother is now resting in peace and is now in God's Hand. We will miss you so much Lola. 


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