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If you want to travel next time, then Mandalay is the right choice as it was ruled by the king and is rich in history and culture.

Mandalay, Myanmar is the second biggest metropolis,  and a former Royal capital of Myanmar. Founded in mid 19 century. Close to Mandalay are the remains of other royal capitals, spanning the history from early 14th century: Sagaing, Inwa (1364), Amarapura (1783). The most amazing site in the area is the great pagoda in Mingun, unfinished and later damaged by earthquake (1839).
The place is the economic and spiritual hub of upper Myanmar and is focused around the Royal Palace.

The place  conjures up the splendours  of antique. However, most of the people can be surprised to analyze that Mandalay isn't always a vintage metropolis, no longer even a medieval one, however as a substitute a new city that became created by King Mingdon Min of Burma in 1857 as the brand new capital of the dominion of Ava. Most effective  Burmese kings ruled from there, King Mingdon and King Thibaw, Before the British conquest of upper  Burma in 1885. It became a metropolis of splendour between 1858 and 1885 but most of the magnificence is gone, destroyed by means of the fire that consumed timber systems and via intensive bombing by  the Axis powers in the course of the second one global conflict.

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