Balloon Flight Over Bagan

Ballon Flight Over BAGAN, MYANMAR

Do not go to this place because you may be experience astounded and surprise by means of the beauty and diversity of the temples and stupas underneath you. With the Irrawaddy River, an existence-giving accomplice, to the west and mountains to the east, your flight of an entire life will convey you over the temples and fields of this ancient plain.

Early within the morning, earlier than dawn, you'll be accumulated from the resort in which you live and brought to one of the decided on launch sites, so that it will give you the very great views of the lots of temples and stupas that litter the plains of Bagan.

One of the location which is situated at the river bank close to Nyaung-Oo U city and the well-known Shwezigon pagoda. As you arrive on the launch site, the dedicated crew welcomes you with freshly brewed espresso or tea, croissants and pastries. You may be escorted on your balloon basket wherein your pilot gives you a radical safety briefing earlier than taking off to inflate the balloon.

Very soon it’s time to climb on board, upward thrust lightly into the morning skies, and greet the sunrise.  Slowly and magnificently Bagan reveals its secrets. The breathtaking sites of stupa after stupa, in their thousands, acting via the sensitive mist is quite unforgettable.

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Your pilot uses his skills and the ever converting breezes to navigate near the most interesting temples. You’ll pay attention stories consisting of that of the founder king of Bagan, Anawratha who built the first Buddhist temple, the golden Shwezigon, in 1057 and started the culture of temple building by means of his successors, which endured for over 230 years. A balloon flight is the satisfactory manner to appreciate the whole lot of the temple complicated and it has been stated that on one balloon flight you spot a ways greater temples than you will in three complete days from the ground.

To the west take within the immensity of the strong Irrawaddy River with Taungyi Taung perched on the hilltop above, and seize a glimpse of the volcanic Mt. Popa to the east. Neighborhood youngsters wave excitedly as you skip overhead and the conventional existence style and housing of the friendly and hospitable Myanmar human beings are revealed.

As your flight comes to an end, the pilot guides his craft to a safe landing site, where the crew welcomes you over again. But the experience isn’t over yet, you are invited to have fun, with your fellow passengers, as your pilot open a bottle of chilled glowing wine and as he signs your flight certificate. Enjoy your drink with a few sparkling fruit and spend a few more moments, and get pleasure from this magical panorama before being whisked back to the resort wherein you'll arrive in desirable time to revel in your hotel’s breakfast.


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