At one point, very early on I had lost sight of those dreams, and decided to take the advice of those who didn’t have what I wanted,  but didn’t have too much accomplished.

I had to justify why it was “OK” for me not to be successful. But no, it wasn’t ok.  Deep down I still had that gut feeling thinking to myself.

There has got to be another way!  All the things those people were teaching in the past company made so much sense.

At that moment when I was desperately looking for answers,  
I decided to do my research.

It was complete opposite typical Marketing Model I was involved in.

Have you ever heard of that saying…
“When the student is ready, the teacher shall appear?

The reason I never had the mentorship, the guidance or access to the “BLUEPRINT” was because I mentally wasn’t prepared, I had to get my MIND right!
Once I made a DECISION and a COMMITMENT to success. I met my Successful online mentor.

Not because I’m any smarter or any better than you! Trust me.
It was because I made a CHOICE! I decided that a basic boring life wasn’t how I was going to be remembered! I wanted to live a colorful, joyful, prosperous one!
It’s going to give you access to the same tools, resources and knowledge my mentor gave me.

The same actionable steps and tools that have allowed me to create and automated passive LIFETIME income that I will pass on to my family and then some.

All I ask is that you can commit two things! Number one, when you are in a position to give back, I want you to pay it forward and no.2 don’t ever let someone’s else’s limiting beliefs dictate your future outcome. That’s just a reflection of what that person thinks of themselves!

To Your Success andFuture Greatness,



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How much weight you can lose with Zumba in 2 weeks

Doing Zumba Exercise

Zumba gives you a calorie-consuming cardiovascular exercise in the air of a move party. Latin moves are the reason for this combination move style, yet developments from hip twirl, hip-bounce and raggaeton additionally highlight in Zumba. The accentuation on having some good times can enable you to stay with this exercise regardless of the possibility that you for the most part detest work out. Since Zumba moving consumes calories so rapidly, it can enable you to lose a lot of weight in one month.

Consume Calories Fast

Zumba is a kind of quick moving. One hour of quick moving consumes 446 calories in the event that you weigh 155 pounds and 532 calories in the event that you weigh 185 pounds. You have to consume 3,500 calories to lose 1 pound, so with three one-hour Zumba sessions seven days, you ought to lose no less than 1 pound in barely two weeks or right around 2 pounds per month. On the off chance that you move Zumba for one hour daily and eat 1500 calories every day short of what you have to keep up your weight, you ought to lose 2 pounds week after week or 8 pounds per month. The dance moves may also improve your posture, balance and flexibility. If you feel inhibited exercising with others, Zumba's party-like amosphere may help you loosen up and gain confidence.

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Blogging, and Modern Motherhood

Blogging, and Modern Motherhood

For the mother of a 2 years old and 6 months, blogging is going thing at the forefront of my  thoughts.  Dealing with a child is a practically extraordinary measure of work, and between changing diapers and putting the last addresses the nursery, it appears to be farfetched to envision that there would be time left finished for any mother to blog. In any case, a developing number of new mothers are joining the blog community to share their encounters amid this energizing time of life. There is an entire scope of advantages that new moms can procure from blogging, and the range covers everything from overcoming the night to helping inaccessible relatives feel nearer. Among the reasons why, for a mother managing the bothers and triumphs of a child, blogging is an incredible thought, is that having a blog about parenthood is an extraordinary approach to let out some pent up frustration. 

Infants frequently have exceptionally whimsical rest designs that leave guardians up at odd hours of the night, and here and there the most ideal approach to fill those hours is on the web. Numerous new mothers swing to TV to enable them to climate these sunrise vigils, yet by blogging during that time mothers can turn what feels like a to some degree discouraging circumstance into an effectively positive also, beneficial one.

Another motivation behind why I frequently find blogging exceptionally fulfilling is that it encourages them to be a piece of a group. For mothers who are not ready to effectively juggle a full social existence with the exceptionally intense requests of dealing with infant, blogging can be an awesome way to fight off the seclusion that occasionally accompanies this phase of life. A child requires steady consideration, and it can be hard to go to get-togethers or occasions when you are in charge of a first born child. Fortunately, the bloggers  are loaded with different mothers in a similar circumstances.  also, by visiting with them it is conceivable to overcome a portion of the forlornness that numerous new moms are astonished to experience.

Moments Turn Into Memories/ Saying Goodbye To Our Beloved Grandmother

"Saying farewell is a piece of our consistently. It's the point at which that farewell feels last however, it is then that we begin to consider the moments."

It is then that we begin to consider every one of the farewells that preceded that one. It is then that we wish we had set aside a few minutes for more Hellos. It is then that we understand the minutes are time cases. They are little pockets of wonderful memory tidy that our brains have gathered as though our cerebrum realized that one day we would require each one of those minutes to aggregate our book of recollections.
The excellence of life is that it is erratic. We have no real way to recognize what lies ahead. As much as we design our every day endeavor, the greater part of life is basically erratic.

My grandmother was conceived in 1927. She was the most unselfish person I have ever meet. She raised me and younger sister when our parents worked in Malaysia. My grandmother has taught me numerous things over the years, she worked so hard and doing some amazing things in life. When it came to being disciplined she did her best for us to be great kids. But I think the most important is that there are many ways to live a life, and none of them are inconsequential if they make you happy. She taught me that fragile human connections are the glue lives are enriched by, and that there is always space to be found in your heart for more love. 

Love for Christ. Grandma’s love for the Lord Jesus was never personal or private, She was always and forever an influencer. I can’t remember a single time I was around her when she wasn’t encouraging, exhorting, or urging me and others toward faith and obedience to Christ. The words of the Bible rolled off her tongue with ease. She prayed relentlessly for her children and grandchildren. And many of us here today are the fruit of those prayers. Grandma’s faith, It was vibrant, living and worshipful. And in her later years, when the more complex aspects of her personality had faded, her joyful faith in Jesus remained. And simply by being herself she’s taught me that there's an enormous beauty in ordinary things if you have the courage to let them in.

At the point when my Grandma instructed me to visit her, I never lament as we have imparted moments to her with my family. After all of those moments I would hugged,hold her hands and say goodbye. Not once was I afraid that it was going to be our last. I guess that was just naive of me. Life is not a guarantee, I know that. Last April has brought my family on a journey that I can only describe as, “letting go of the moments and holding onto the memories.”  My grandmother is at the end of a long road. She is amazing in more ways than I can possibly write. She has taught me how to be a good mother. She has taught me how to be a strong person. She has taught me about unconditional love. That day is the day that I hugged and hold her and say goodbye I knew it might be the last time so I told her I loved her and she held my hand and said “ Maybe we will not meet again and be a great person and you know how much I love you.”
"I will Grandma. What's more, From Your Nine Children up to extraordinary incredible grandchildren, we adore and love you so in particular."

My Grandmother is now resting in peace and is now in God's Hand. We will miss you so much Lola. 

Balloon Flight Over Bagan

Ballon Flight Over BAGAN, MYANMAR

Do not go to this place because you may be experience astounded and surprise by means of the beauty and diversity of the temples and stupas underneath you. With the Irrawaddy River, an existence-giving accomplice, to the west and mountains to the east, your flight of an entire life will convey you over the temples and fields of this ancient plain.

Early within the morning, earlier than dawn, you'll be accumulated from the resort in which you live and brought to one of the decided on launch sites, so that it will give you the very great views of the lots of temples and stupas that litter the plains of Bagan.

One of the location which is situated at the river bank close to Nyaung-Oo U city and the well-known Shwezigon pagoda. As you arrive on the launch site, the dedicated crew welcomes you with freshly brewed espresso or tea, croissants and pastries. You may be escorted on your balloon basket wherein your pilot gives you a radical safety briefing earlier than taking off to inflate the balloon.

Very soon it’s time to climb on board, upward thrust lightly into the morning skies, and greet the sunrise.  Slowly and magnificently Bagan reveals its secrets. The breathtaking sites of stupa after stupa, in their thousands, acting via the sensitive mist is quite unforgettable.

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Your pilot uses his skills and the ever converting breezes to navigate near the most interesting temples. You’ll pay attention stories consisting of that of the founder king of Bagan, Anawratha who built the first Buddhist temple, the golden Shwezigon, in 1057 and started the culture of temple building by means of his successors, which endured for over 230 years. A balloon flight is the satisfactory manner to appreciate the whole lot of the temple complicated and it has been stated that on one balloon flight you spot a ways greater temples than you will in three complete days from the ground.

To the west take within the immensity of the strong Irrawaddy River with Taungyi Taung perched on the hilltop above, and seize a glimpse of the volcanic Mt. Popa to the east. Neighborhood youngsters wave excitedly as you skip overhead and the conventional existence style and housing of the friendly and hospitable Myanmar human beings are revealed.

As your flight comes to an end, the pilot guides his craft to a safe landing site, where the crew welcomes you over again. But the experience isn’t over yet, you are invited to have fun, with your fellow passengers, as your pilot open a bottle of chilled glowing wine and as he signs your flight certificate. Enjoy your drink with a few sparkling fruit and spend a few more moments, and get pleasure from this magical panorama before being whisked back to the resort wherein you'll arrive in desirable time to revel in your hotel’s breakfast.

Visit this place before you die

If you want to travel next time, then Mandalay is the right choice as it was ruled by the king and is rich in history and culture.

Mandalay, Myanmar is the second biggest metropolis,  and a former Royal capital of Myanmar. Founded in mid 19 century. Close to Mandalay are the remains of other royal capitals, spanning the history from early 14th century: Sagaing, Inwa (1364), Amarapura (1783). The most amazing site in the area is the great pagoda in Mingun, unfinished and later damaged by earthquake (1839).
The place is the economic and spiritual hub of upper Myanmar and is focused around the Royal Palace.

The place  conjures up the splendours  of antique. However, most of the people can be surprised to analyze that Mandalay isn't always a vintage metropolis, no longer even a medieval one, however as a substitute a new city that became created by King Mingdon Min of Burma in 1857 as the brand new capital of the dominion of Ava. Most effective  Burmese kings ruled from there, King Mingdon and King Thibaw, Before the British conquest of upper  Burma in 1885. It became a metropolis of splendour between 1858 and 1885 but most of the magnificence is gone, destroyed by means of the fire that consumed timber systems and via intensive bombing by  the Axis powers in the course of the second one global conflict.

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Reasons To Exercise

Reasons To exercise

Many of us need to follow an exercising program, so as
to remain wholesome.  Underneath, you will find numerous proper motives why you ought to start exercise now.

1.  Contributes to fat loss
It is nicely confirmed from scientific studies throughout the world that physical workout contributes to weight loss.  If you burn more energy than you eat via nutrition, you will lose weight.  When you workout, you burn greater calories than you don't.  It is genuinely easy the more you workout, the greater weight or fats you'll lose.

2.  Prevent Disease
The probabilities of developing several numerous diseases has been proven to decrease while workout.  These diseases consist of heart ailment, cancer, diabetes, and the stroke. 

Around four out of five deaths because of coronary heart disease and most cancers, are connected to elements that consist of stress and lack of exercising.  We all recognise that diabetes will increase the hazard for heart attacks and strokes. What this indicates, is that among the chance factors
and diseases resulting from not workout are running in conjunction to harm your fitness.  To save you this from taking place, begin workout.

3.  Enhancing disorder
Many extreme and minor illnesses may be progressed or even healed via normal exercise.  These even include the sicknesses listed above.  By using following everyday plan, you could also lower HDL cholesterol levels, lower triglyceride ranges, and reduce your blood stress as well.

Exercising on a normal basis can even reduce the danger of prostate cancer for guys, breast and uterine most cancers for women, and much more.  All of that is scientifically verified, which is why you must begin workout nowadays.

4.  Enhance your Wellness
Absolutely everyone is aware of from the numerous scientific research that regular workout will lead to an improved release of endorphins inside the frame.  These chemicals will combat depression and make you feel happy.  The body releases those endorphins handiest 12 minutes into the workout.

There is any other chemical known as serotonin that is expanded for the duration of and after a workout.  The multiplied ranges of serotonin in the vital anxious machine is associated with feelings of well being and reduced intellectual melancholy. The chemical also can assist you sleep better at night time.

5.  Enhance your well-being
While you are in wonderful shape and properly fit, you may have greater power and you may observe that your ordinary temper is progressed.  You'll have experienced that you can stretch beyond your own limits and also you understand that you could do extra than you concept viable.

6.  Endurance
Exercise regularly will come up with extra energy, which allow you to be greater productive at home and at work.  Exercising can help supply your new desires experience of reason and give you something to recognition and intention for.  This will help you increase your patience and save you from going off track even as you goal to your purpose.

7.  Social abilities
After  exercise on an ordinary foundation you can enhance your self-worth.  This could help you appearance better and you will be more at ease as well. Exercise will even assist you to turn out to be more energetic and meet new people, with a view to prevent you from feeling isolated and unsupported.  Workout may also growth your pastimes in sex, and will let you to improve your marriage or your partner dating.

           After understanding all of those recommendations and reasons to workout, you should not hesitate to get available and workout.  You could workout at home or go out there and be part of a health club.  There are several unique approaches that you can workout, all you have to do is select some which you like.  Take a bit of day out of your day and start exercising you'll experience higher than ever before and your body will thank you.

Or you can do Zumba at Home..Just want to share this video from youtube... Credit to Michelle Vo Fitness

Bagan, Myanmar

Bagan, Myanmar

This place is one of Myanmar's main attractions. The territory known as Bagan or bureaucratically, as the 'Bagan Archeological Zone', possesses a great 26-sq-mile zone, 118 miles south of Mandalay and 429 miles north of Yangon. The Ayeyarwady (Irrawaddy) River floats past its northern and western sides.
The territory's most dynamic town and primary transport center is Nyaung U, in the upper east corner. Around 2.5 miles west, Old Bagan is the previous site of the town that was moved 2 miles south to New Bagan in 1990. Between the two is Myinkaba, a town gloating a long-running lacquerware custom. One thing to remember, especially for travellers investigating the area, is that Bagan is not like any other place. It's a congested town and needs anything looking like a night scene, in spite of the fact that it has essential traveller enhancements. Plan your celebrating elsewhere.

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